Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From John Panicker

.As you probably know I was born in a family of royalty- it simply means- character, courage, steadfastness, determination, and persistency and love to do good to all.
Did I live up to that- I leave it up to God to judge. I was born in a great and famous family with centuries of history- whether as a Kshatria  (this is the ruling cast) family going back to the recorded history of Emperor Ashoka 304 BC – 232 BC). This is the time we left the northern part of India to escape from conversion to Buddhism. We came to South East part of India  to be converted to Christianity by St. Thomas, the disciple of Christ.  As such our narrated history of the family goes as Christians  goes to  52 AD. The recorded history traced back to 352 AD as Christians.  We served kings till my grand father’s time. We used to train the army of kings.

    A sword, a oil lamp and the structure is where people where trained. What is written there is in Malayalam  means PANICKER FAMILY.

This is our court of arm.

 I was born in a loving family – but not rich but not poor- My father was youngest of the seven children. But he was the most educated. May be his education was equal present day high school. Then he probably took teachers training and taught the elementary school run by the Malankara Orthodox Church where we were members. My father K.G Thomas Panicker was the trustee of the church for many years- until we reunited with the universal church. His initials K.G stands for [KallempellilThekethil (this is his house name) Geevarghese  (this is his father’s name). His brothers were: K.G Chacko Panicker, K.G Koshy Panicker. K.G Geevarghese Panicker, K.G Mathai Panicker. His sisters were: K.G Mariamma Panicker, K.G Sosamma Panicker.

My mother M.O Achiyamma was a member of the famous family Kaitahyil, Kallooppara, Kerala, India.  Her maiden name was Thomas. Her grand mother was from one of the most famous Christian family – Maret . My mother was teacher. She did leave her teaching career when she got married. She had two brothers, and four sisters. Her initial M. O stands for Moolalpellil  Kaitahyil (house name) Oommachen (father’s name) –this is Indian name used for Thomas as well. Her brothers were: M. O Ninan, M.O ….. (Kunjchenachayan). Her sisters were: M. O Saramma, M.O Annamma  and Kunjamma  who died as a child.

 You know many members of her family is  across USA. Rajan Maret and Ommen Maret all belong to her family. Many bishops of Orthodox Church and Marthomite church came from this family. Some of the first judges of the State came from this family. My mothers uncle was one of the famous judge in the State.

You know all my brothers and sisters and their children

If you are interested you can ask someone to read the family history and translate it to you. The book traces the history back to 352 AD. The important piece of information missing in the book is the female side o f the family- once a girl is married out their whereabouts are knot recorded in the family history. I think it was a mistake. But reasoning behind it was that it was included where she was married to. Unfortunately there it was mentioned only as a person – but not shown full history.

What my brother wrote before his death and kept it for me is as follows:

I. All possibly available information about the Panicker family can be gathered from the two parts of the book Panicker Kudumbayoga Charithram (published by Panicker Kudumba charithra Committee in 1991).

II. Specific information on Karichal Saka (=branch) is available in the first part of the book, from page 169.
Relevant information regarding the family tree of Karichal Sakha can be gathered from the 2nd part P 204

You may be bale to pick the required details from the pages referred to above.

III. As for definite and detailed information there are no personnel alive now who can be contacted as a resource personnel. Most probably I may be the best source available now.

Our ancestor who came from Mavelikara and settled in Karichal in Panackavil Thekethil was a Geevarghese Panicker. His wife was from  Muleppampallil  ( I am not sure I am spelling this right)
Kudasand, Kerala, India. Her elder  sister was married to Alumuttil Family in Karichal, Kerala, India.
This  elder  sister  and her husband persuaded Geevarghese Panicker to come to Karichal and settle there.

Geevarghese Panicker had two sons – Chacko Panicker and Mathai Panicker.

Chacko Panicker later settled in Kallampallil Thekethil ( the initial of my father came from this. This our ancestor) and Mathai Panicker settled in Chackalyil ( another house name) as the ancestors of Kallamparmpil Family.

The descendents of Chacko Panicker to which we belong can be described as follows:
 1) Chacko Panicker had five sons and three daughters. The sons are: Geevarghese Panicker ( my grand father).

2)Rev Fr. Koshy Apnicker(called Kochoy Achen – settled in Thiruvella).

3)Cherian Panicker (kochukunju) settled  in Chellichira, Kattanam, Kerala, India.

4)And his twin brother Chacko Panicker who married from  Putehnpurackkal, Karichal and settled there.

One of the sisters was married to Cherukara Puthenpurackel, Ayroor, Kerala, India
Another sister was married to Mammoottil Thazhakara, Mavelikara, Kerala

And the third one was  married to Ottathengail, Muttom, Kerala, India.

( Achen did not provide the name of these sisters. There area lot of direct relations of tehse sisters in USA)

Our grand  ( Achen forgot to mention who it was. I think it was an uncle) was from Pallivathikkal, Thumpamon, Kerala, India. There are many of her direct relations are here in USA.

Our grand father got married form Manalel, Niranam, Kerala, India. Her name was  Sosamma (our grand mother). She had two sisters – one married in Venmani and other in Edanad. (Achen did not give name of the families).

Our mother Achiyamma daughter of Kaithayil Mullappallil Oommachen and Eliamma ( from Maret Family) had three sisters.( Saramma, Annamma, Kunjumol-she died at early age) two brothers- Kochukunju and Kunjachen.

Our grand father Geevarghese Panicker had seven children: Chacko Panicker, settled in the latter part of his life in vazhoor, Kerala India, Matahi Panicker settled in Karichal,  Mariamma married to Karakatt Mattackel, Kadappara, kerala, Kochoy ( Koshy Panickersettled in Vazhoor, Sosamma married to Vazuvelil, Kalloopara, Kerala (Tom knows there descendents – in California, NJ), Keevvarchen (Geevarghese Panicker)settled in Vazhoor. S you see Kochoy, Keevarchen, Sosamma, and later Chcako Panicker all settled in Vazhoor.

Thomas Panicker (thomachen) – this is my father.and  Matahi Panicker (Mathichen)remained in Karichal.

Our uncles Chacko Panicker, Koshy Panicker,Geevarghese Panicker our auntie Sosamma  all sttled in Vazhoor(pulikkal Kavala)because o fthe influence o f their uncle Mammen, who settled  in Pulikkal Kavala. He was known as Peeikayil Asan.” This is  what my brother Achen  left on his desk for me before his death.

I, John Panicker was born as the fifth child. Well you know 1939 was the time of world war with enormous difficulties - economic, social and political turmoil.  My father from the small income from teaching and farming rice etc took care of the family of nine. He sent us to elementary School, Middle School and high School. That is all what he could afford to. He treated boys and girls equally.  It was not the custom of the time.

My elder brother C. T Geevarghese Panicker (PanickerAchen) ( C= Chelupellil –house name; T= Thomas- father’s name) when he completed high school he decided to become a priest. My great uncle Seravnt of God Mar Ivanios visited one of my local church- my father went to see him with my brother- the great bishop Mar Ivanios asked my brother to join him to become a priest- he made the decision then and there.

My brother C.T Thomas Panicker is the one who lives in Pandalam. Their children Preethi Thomas Panicker, Shobha Thresa George and Santosh Zacharia Panicker.

My brother C.T Chacko Panicker is the one who left  to eternity. You know all his children

My sister C.T Sosamma Panicker Kuruvilla is now in Kochi. You know her children
My sister C.T Aleyamma Panicker – is the nun – Sr. Josepha
My sister C.T Mariamma Panicker Kunju is the one at Kottyam. You know all her children.

That is my family.

C.T.John Panicker


  1. Great reading stuff.Being a panicker from Kundara, I realise its great to realise your roots and to optimise your potential..
    Expecting more posts..


  2. I used to search my roots both from paternal and maternal side and chanced to see this. K.G. Mariamma Panicker is my maternal grand mother.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Information Mr. John.

    Do you happen to have copies of the book referenced - Panicker Kudumbayoga Charithram (published by Panicker Kudumba charithra Committee in 1991)?

    My mother is from the Panicker family, daughter of Mathai Panicker. Hence my interest in learning more.

    Anto Thomas.

  4. Dear Mr. C.T. John Panicker,
    I am Johncy Binoy. I am from koothattukulam in ernakulam district. I wants to know that whether your familly (known as Panicker Familly) has any relationship to arakuzha. Because my root is also from a Panicker familly known as Vallikkada Panicker Familly. I have the information that the Panickeruvettil kudumbam of mavelikkara (Late Geevarghees Mar Ivaniose, who started the Syro-Malakara reeth was a member of this Panickeruvettil familly) is a branch of this Vallikkada Panicker familly. Even my familly (ie, The Vallikkada Panicker Familly) was came from the coast of Bay of Bangal about which the hystorians have many views. In that most of them says that we are from the ancient bangal, who migrated to south due to the increasing invansion or submergance of hinduism into budhism there. So while reading your post I found some similarity. So I wants to know that whether your familly has any relationship with this purticular Vallikkada Panicker Familly. I have some more information regarding the Mavelikkara Panickers (Means Christine panickers) known as thekkumkodu panickers in which the panickeruveetil kudumbam is one of the major familly. They got migrated from Vallikkada ( a small village in Arakuzha which got its name because of the Vallikkada Familly lived there) to Mavelikkara around 12-13th century. The familly who lived in arakuzha is came to be known as Vallikkada Familly since even though they were christines , they came with the idol of their diety which is believed to be the diety whome they were worshiping in bangal. Its called as Valli in south. So the land they lived is first known as Vallikkadavu (Since it is on the shore of the Moovattupuzha river) and later became Vallikkada. The Panickers of Vallikkada Familly were the local chieftains and also they served as the chieften of the entire army of Vadakkumkoor. The war against the Marthandavarmma is a hystory. Vadakkumkoor was the only kingdom which diffeated the marthandavarmma's army once and it was led by this panicker.

    So Please inform me if you have connection with this Arakuzha or Vallikkada Panicker familly or Panickeruveetil Familly. I am is search for finding out my brothers and systers who got seperated once and I am trying to reunite my familly again. Its true that there are differences and difficulties in a reunion due to the long gap (gap of centuries).But I believe that we should be one since we were of the same bloodline.

  5. Please mail me to johncybinoy@yahoo.co.in

  6. Hi This is John Mathew Panicker son of C Mathew Panicker (Kunjappan) from Kundara.. I am working in an MNC @ Technopark. It's so proud to read the history of our family...

    Thanks much,
    John MP

  7. Our logo is simply awesome !! " The Sword and the kalari villaku" .. Great !!

  8. i am biju i want to know about panikkar family my father always saying he is from panikkar family. my grand father name was chacko panikkar. he lived in venmoney. i know one acchan who is lived in mavelikara.my grand mother name was saramma.

  9. Nice to read it. This is Mathew Panicker (Sabu)basically from Kundara later shifted to Trivandrum, working in Oman since 1993. My contact: mvpanicker@gmail.com